17317 27th Ave. NE.
Marysville, Washington 98271

About Us!

Julz Animal Houz is a culmination of ideas and research that started nearly twenty years ago when Julie obtained a pug puppy, Betty, from what turned out to be a puppy mill. With numerous health issues and allergies Julie set out to create the best possible diet imaginable. After much research Julie settled in on a raw feeding program, known at the time as the "BARF" diet, (bones and raw food). Julie currently has five dogs, four of whom are "rescue" dogs, she is currently still feeding a raw diet. Her pets will often be found helping out at the store.

Meet the Gang!

  • Gusz
  • Emma
  • Leroy
  • Dream
  • Skip

Our Commitment to You!

Julz Animal Houz is committed to the the continual education of its staff and customers in regard to the benefits of pet health. whether you feed raw, canned, freeze-dried or kibble, you can count on us to provide only top quality, premium foods; anything less is simply not acceptable.